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Djing for myself with no motive, or destination, i can truly say im at my happiest.

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YP — Hood Shit [video]

Chicago’s YP releases a new visual from his upcoming mixtape, No Doz, dropping August 14th.

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G-Scott: #TheMarket (#directedbyJace)

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MUST WATCH:  Mayweather’s Cheap Shot

For some reason, Victor Ortiz kept apologizing for a headbutt, and Mayweather struck while no one was watching.  Fight over.  Proof that it’s much easier to win a boxing match when the other guy has stopped boxing altogether.

When Mayweather landed the knockout punch, legendary boxing trainer and HBO color analyst, Emmanuel Stewart could only say, “Awww, no!” 

Larry Merchant immediately announced, “Ortiz was apologizing, and Mayweather was punching.”

Referee Joe Cortez claims he called “time in,” but then why was he not watching the action?  Cortez saw neither punch, and looked stunned upon seeing Ortiz falling to the mat.

A Canadian broadcaster reminded, “Protect yourself at all times, but the ref says ‘box’ first.”  At no point during the video does Cortez turn to the fighters and tell him to “box.”

Shame is, Floyd was going to win this fight.  Mayweather is the better fighter, but make no mistake about it, Floyd didn’t win it.  Victor lost.  The 24-year old got too amped up, and made a critical error by stopping in the middle of a fight.

However, “winning” bouts like that, Floyd, won’t make anyone forget that you keep ducking Manny Pacquiao.


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Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter (by AaliyahVEVO)

Rest in peace baby girl!

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MUST WATCH:  Taiwanese guy jams on LeBron.

The story’s even better.

“King” James was touring Taipei, where he coached an exhibition games as a NIKE ambassador.  Unhappy with his team being tied, LeBron decided to leave the bench and play.  The 2-time MVP put on a show, throwing an alley-oop to himself off the backboard, and blocking three consecutive shots from his opponent.

Then this happened…

LeBron got cute at the top of the lane, so his Taiwanese defender ripped him, raced down court, and punched it on him.

The King was so rattled, he immediately came back down court, traveled and then threw the ball out of bounds. 

It’s like Game 6 all over again…


(via CBS Sports Eye on Basketball)